4 reasons why silk bedding can care for skin

Luxury Silk Life Apr 27, 2023

The holiday season is tough on the skin for several reasons; the air is colder, your skin is dryer, and your to-do list keeps growing. While you might need a good night’s rest and maybe a day off, it’d be nice not to deal with skin frustrations along the way. Aid comes in the form of silk sheets. This could be an eyebrow-raising statement, so let us provide clarity. Is silk good for your skin? How?

How does silk help skin? 98% of silk is protein, which is much higher than that of pearls. This protein is composed of 18 kinds of amino acids, which is 10 times higher than that of pearls. These amino acids can be directly absorbed and adsorbed by human hair and skin. Penetration accelerates skin metabolism, many whitening with pearl powder, see clearly, silk is more skincare. Silk can ward off allergens, promote better sleep, and help keep your skin supple and well-moisturized. Silk also provides comfort with its thermal-regulating properties, especially for women undergoing menstruation and individuals with general sleep difficulties.

Here’s an all-you-need-to-know of why silk bedding can care for the skin.

The fabric is smooth and won't irritate the skin

The surface of real silk is smooth, and its coefficient of friction stimulation to the human body is the lowest among all kinds of fibers, only 7.4%. Some friends often say that it feels itchy or rough when using other fabrics, so it is recommended that you use silk. The most important indicator to determine the quality of silk is cleanliness and cleanliness. The highest 7A level standard requires cleaning to reach 98.5 points, exceeding the national standard 6A standard.

Natural antibacterial, against skin inflammation

Antibacterial is one of the most important functional indicators of bedding products. At present, many bedding products are finished with antibacterial finishing in the later stage, but it is actually done by chemical means. There are tens of millions of microorganisms in nature, among which Staphylococcus aureus is the most resistant pathogenic bacteria. According to experiments, the antibacterial performance of mulberry silk against Staphylococcus aureus reaches 90.85%.

Accelerate metabolism, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging

The lysine and leucine contained in silk can accelerate the metabolism of the lipid film on the skin surface and enhance skin elasticity. Among them, threonine and serine can improve blood circulation, prevent dry skin and wrinkles, and delay aging. According to "Compendium of Materia Medica", silk can eliminate dark spots, treat itching and certain skin diseases, and make the skin more tender, white and perfect.

Moisture absorption and moisturizing, nourishing and supple skin

Silk protein is enriched with many hydrophilic groups such as amine groups (-CONH) and amino groups (-NH2), which are easy to diffuse water molecules, can absorb and distribute water in the air, and maintain a certain amount of water in the fiber to achieve skin health Moisturizing, does not make the skin too dry, and can quickly dissipate sweat and heat from the body when used in summer.