9 luxury silk pajamas sets for a better sleep

Luxury Silk Life Apr 01, 2023

When it comes to sleep, comfort is everything. But how about a dash of luxury, too? Slipping into silk before bed will make you feel instantly fancy, striking the perfect balance between cozy and posh. On top of that, it's known for being hypoallergenic and thermoregulating. Basically, it will be gentle on your skin and hair while also keeping you comfortable.

Silk pajamas are also a great option for anyone with skin sensitivities, since they’re often hypoallergenic and won’t irritate reactive skin, much in the way that a silk pillowcase is ideal for those of us with acne-prone complexions. Silk PJs come in countless colors and silhouettes, whether you’re looking for a classic long-sleeved set, a plain short-sleeved set or a printed style. Below, see the dreamiest silk pajamas to shop for now.

1. 22 Momme Printed Silk Pajamas Long Sleeve Cat Ba langur

The 22mm silk pajamas are designed with cat ba langur and jungle plants as elements, creating a natural artistic temperament. White printed silk pajamas, not dull, like a ray of sunshine in the forest. Black-printed silk pajamas take you into a quiet night and fall asleep peacefully.

2. 22 Momme Short Sleeve Silk Pajamas Geometric Figures

Abstract geometric patterns and colors are matched with the freshness of nature. The green silk pajamas are eye-catching enough to enjoy the tranquility of nature. Vintage silk pajamas are pure natural mulberry silk, light and soft, skin-friendly and silky.

3. 22 Momme Light Gray Printed Silk Pajamas Short Set

The light gray silk pajamas are simple and loose, giving people a free and casual feeling. Mysterious printed pattern brings a sense of security. Short-sleeved silk pajamas will accompany you through the night.

4. 22 Momme Printed V Neck Silk Pajamas Long Sleeve For Women

A fashion trend brought about by a handful of fresh asparagus. The hem and neckline of the silk pajama long gown are designed with a V-neck, showing the proportion of a tall figure. The green silk pajamas are bright and bright, which is the first choice for summer outings.

5. 22 Momme Tiger Printed Long Sleeve Silk Pajamas

Basic silk pajamas with tiger print, as if you are accompanied by a white tiger in the dark night, to experience the feeling of hunting and give you a full sense of security. The black silk pajamas are calm and superior, while the red silk pajamas are bright and unique.

6. 22 Momme Rabbit Printed Silk Pajamas Short Set

Rabbit-printed silk pajamas represent freedom and romance, and the simple color matching will accompany you to spend a comfortable night time. 22mm silk pajamas are made of high-quality mulberry silk, bringing you a more silky experience.

7. 22 Momme White Striped Silk Pajama Set With Cute Print

Silk pajamas are characterized by a strong sense of comfort, good moisture absorption and moisture absorption, sound absorption, and dust absorption. The silk is composed of protein fibers, soft and smooth in texture, and delicate to the touch.

8. 22 Momme Pure Silk Pajama Set With Contrast Piping

The 100% silk pajama wraps your body gently and smoothes out any tension in your skin before bed. Contrast-piping silk pajamas with lapel design, slim, simple and fashionable, button closure, easy to put on and take off.

9. 22 Momme Silk Pajamas Women's Silk Loungewear

The basic silk pajamas integrate sports into home life and are breathable and cool when running and exercising. For downtime, look stylish outside in cozy silk loungewear.