Are silk robes worth it?

Luxury Silk Life Oct 31, 2022

Wearing a silk robe to sleep is good for the body. One reason is that it is light and light without any burden. In addition, silk fabric has always been called the queen of fabrics. The fabric is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the body, which is all very good qualities.


If you go out, you can bring nothing but a set of your own pajamas, otherwise, you will not sleep well in other people's homes or hotels. Maybe you don't have such troubles yet, but I still suggest that a good robe should be owned by women.


Among them, the silk robe feels super awesome. Especially in hot seasons such as summer, silk robes are like angels, which can make you sleep more comfortably, and you will feel cold and silky when you wear them. And the advantages of silk robes are not only reflected here.


  1. Very little friction with the skin


To be honest, pure cotton pajamas are more suitable for seasons like autumn and winter, because they can keep warm very well. But in the sweaty season like summer, silk can bring you a cool enough experience. And its touch is particularly silky, so it is conceivable that when it touches the skin, there is basically no friction.


Although sometimes the friction force is difficult for us to feel, once the friction force is smaller than our previous index, the relaxed feeling is still obvious. Therefore, the silky texture of silk can also be experienced very well, because its friction force can hardly be calculated, and it feels very slippery and falls when wearing it.


  1. Good hygroscopicity


In summer, it is very easy to sweat, especially when sleeping, the back is more likely to sweat. But many people may choose to flip the back to blow the air conditioner or blow a fan or something. However, it is still very easy to catch a cold, especially at night.


However, the silk material has an excellent structure and can have a higher-quality moisture absorption effect. It won't store all the sweat on your back, but can better absorb it into the silk robe. Then when you wash it again, you don't have to worry about the smell of sweat, and you don't have to worry about getting a cold or something.


  1. Prevent the breeding of mites


We all know that if there are various problems with the skin on the body, such as large pores, acne, etc., and it is difficult to cure repeatedly, maybe you may need to get rid of the mites. This type of microbes, which are particularly easy to grow but invisible, can make the skin more sensitive.


However, because the silk material has the highest "silk volume void" in the fiber, it has better air permeability and good heat dissipation. The moisture removal is also quite good, so it can be known that it is not easy to gather heat and dust, and mites will basically not gather here. It still has a great effect on maintaining dry skin on the body, especially for those with allergies.


  1. Improve sleep quality


The silk protein in silk pajamas has a chemical structure of 18 natural amino acids. These amino acids contain a tiny molecule called "sleep factor", which has the effect of calming the nerves and eliminating fatigue. It can effectively improve sleep, increase sleep depth, and eliminate daytime fatigue.


Seeing this, I believe you already have the answer in your mind about whether the silk robe is worth buying.